It is very common for a person to sustain a whiplash injury or muscle strain / sprain injury in a personal injury matter, oftentimes in car accidents. Insurance companies do not like claims involving typical muscular injuries. They feel as if such injuries are not real and could not possibly affect the victim’s life. As a result, the term “soft tissue” injury has taken on almost a negative connotation in the personal injury field.

A soft tissue injury can be extremely aggravating and affect all manner of normal daily activities. As a result, our Montgomery County, MD personal injury lawyers take these claims extremely seriously. A simple neck tweak can prevent a person from exercising for months at a time. It can make sleeping and simply getting through a work day unbearable. Our lawyers understand the limiting nature of sustaining a whiplash bodily injury or a muscle strain.

Our soft tissue and whiplash lawyers work very hard to combat the insurance companies’ suggestion that these injuries aren’t real. We combat these ill-conceived notions by spending a huge amount of time developing the specific facts of your case in order to provide a court or the insurance company with anecdotal evidence proving to them just how badly your soft-tissue injury affected your life.  It is in this fashion that our accident attorneys will work to maximize your recovery and place you in the best possible situation. It is simply a matter of spending more time discussing your accident, injury, and life with you.

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