In the event that you have sustained bodily injuries in an accident or have an insurance claim for property damage, you will likely be working against an insurance company. Our insurance claim lawyers would almost never recommend that you attempt to deal with an insurance company without the assistance of a lawyer, especially where personal injuries are involved.

Insurance companies are typically interested in protecting the bottom line, meaning they are looking for every possible way to pay less money out on personal injury and property damage claims. Often, insurance companies can minimize their financial exposure by talking to an injured person before that person hires a personal injury lawyer. This allows the insurance company to obtain information that it would not otherwise be able to get. Because insurance carriers know the law, they attempt to get admissions from injured victims that will hurt the victims in court.

Another effective tactic that an insurance company employs is to stall and delay as much as possible. Unfortunately, this puts a lot of financial pressure on injury victims who don’t have enough money to cover their medical bills or damages. If you end up in court, many of these carriers employ some exceptional personal injury and insurance claim defense attorneys. Given the difficulties in dealing with insurance companies, we invite you to use the knowledge and experience of our attorneys to combat the tactics of the carrier you face.

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