It is not difficult to find a competent Rockville personal injury lawyer that regulary practices law in the Circuit Court in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Of course, you need not be a Rockville personal injury lawyer to file a lawsuit in that Court.  However, every local courthouse in Maryland has it’s own quirks when it comes to navigating through a lawsuit procedurally. As a result, it is nice to have a personal injury lawyer who is based in Rockville and is therefore familiar with the suit process here.

There are a obviously a variety of ways to find a good Rockville person injury lawyer. I always think it is wise to ask family and friends if they know of a lawyer that they have had a good experience with in the past. You may be surprised that they know a Rockville personal injury lawyer that can assist you in pursuing your case following a car accident. If you, like most people, need to find a lawyer from scratch, I recommend spending some time consulting with the lawyer simply to see if you feel comfortable with them.

Comfort is critical. As the lawyer, I routinely decline cases simply because the client is not the best personality match for me. For that reason, injury victims are always offered a free consultation at the Law Offices of Jeffrey R. Bloom. It gives the client an opportunity to ask as many questions as they like about their case, the process, or our contingency fee arrangements which makes it so that clients don’t need to pay the lawyer during the claim or suit process.

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